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Health Care and Services

Medical Clinic

As a first initiative, we are currently working with the community for the building of a multi-purpose permanent health facility that the community can afford to manage, maintain and sustain, where health professionals can provide basic health services, with a basic laboratory, pharmacy, maternity room for non-complicated deliveries, consultation room and the hub for health promotion and disease prevention activities.

By helping to build the Gambade Medical Clinic you will contribute to:

  • Prevent needless child deaths by reducing the infant-under 5 mortality rate
  • Reduce the maternal mortality rate and save the lives of women
  • Protect children from preventable disease by creating a base for vaccinations programs
  • Prevent child malnourishment by establishing growth monitoring programs
  • Improve community health by creating a space for health and hygiene workshops
  • Provide the community with a pharmacy and laboratory


Mothers and Children at risk

The nearest hospital to Gambade is located 10 kilometres away in the town of Grande Rivière du Nord.  A larger hospital in Cap-Haitian is 37 kilometres away.  While these distances seem small, the mountainous terrain around Gambade makes travel to the hospital extremely difficult and hazardous.  And during the rainy season, roads are impassable, making it impossible to get adequate medical care.

You can help address this critical needs by partnering with the people of Gambade to build a health clinic to provide life-saving care for children and pregnant women.

Access to Health Services – Health Agents 

In rural Haiti, most people have no access to basic healthcare or health awareness training. Accordingly, our program in the Gambade region of northern Haiti (rural and mountainous) is to train, deploy and support health agents, as described below.

Health Agents: Are residents of the area in which they work, and are trained to provide basic homecare 24/7 to a dedicated/assigned geographical area.

Healthcare services: Services provided include immunization, de-worming, well-baby care, etc.  The Agents are trained to perform baby regular health checks – comprising of weigh, nutritional and health counseling and distribution of vitamins A to prevent childhood blindness.

  • Healthcare promotion: Provide one-on-one and group sessions on disease prevention and hygiene education.


Health Agents: Training, Role & Impact

Training Curriculum – NGOs in Haiti like Partners in Health, ICC and others have developed training curriculum in Creole for Health Agents.  This training can be accessed at no cost by written agreement.

Roles & Responsibilities – to constantly assess the population’s health status and maintain up-to-date health records that are uploaded to a central clinic database.   They are supervised and evaluated frequently by the Coordinator, the nurses and doctors at the regional hospital.  Generally they have a catchment area between 2 to 4 thousand people (depending on funding).  Daily schedule and activities are planned with the Program Coordinator.

Program Impact – The Gambade region has a population of 20,000 and with a complement of 10 Health Agents, each Agent will provide basic healthcare services and healthcare training to about 20,000 people.

The Partnership with the community of Gambade includes progressive and joint development in many areas including:

  • Education (Schools and school programs)
  • Economy (Sustainable economical activities)
  • Community Development

Sustainable Community Development

We aim at engaging the community of Gambade in integrated development enterprises and activities in agriculture, small animal farming, marketing and distribution of local products, co-ops, etc, that  represent priorities for them, with the view of committing not only to initiate or continue but to sustain.

We definitely want to see increased capacity to identify, develop and manage development activities initiated within local communities. We will work with the Farm families to increase food security. Another goal is to help increase household incomes so that those with the capacity will be able to defray a large portion of their Health costs.


What Have We Achieved So Far?

  • Meetings with the community leaders – February 2013 and July 2013
  • Meetings with the Haiti Ministry of Health and Grande Rivière du Nord Administration – February 2013
  • Preliminary architectural concept by an Haitian architect – January 2013
  • Confirmed donations of land by the community – September 2013
  • Visits of future site of the Clinic – February and July 2013


What We Are Currently Doing?

At this stage we are concentrating on raising money for the construction of the permanent health clinic in the village of Gambade. This facility will include a basic laboratory, pharmacy, maternity room for non-complicated deliveries, family planning, health education and other much needed health care services. We are projecting that the construction phase will cost $350,000. This is our goal in fund raising, but we need your help to achieve it. Please Donate. 

Our mission is to…

Help empower the Gambade community for lasting impact.