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Medical Team

Working with EMAS Canada, the Gambade Medical Clinic Project Support Team of Compass Point Bible Church is building a team of medical professionals to visit the clinic in Northern Haiti.

The purpose of this mission is to gain insight into healthcare priorities before long-term engagement. This will be achieved through hands-on clinical services; and meetings with local project leaders and with national healthcare professionals. As the project develops, our vision is that an EMAS team will engage for the long-term in capacity building, through training of national staff and improvement of services, through ongoing professional development. Part of the EMAS team’s mandate is to advise the Project Support Team (PST) on appropriate medical equipment and to assist in the sourcing of such equipment.

EMAS Canada is accepting applications from interested Canadian healthcare professionals.



By working with Compass Point Bible Church, this project provides a beacon of hope for better healthcare for this remote Haitian Village.


With your help and support we can help Gambade achieve:

  • A permanent and recognizable health reference place for the community and patients
  • A significant reduction in maternal mortality rate
  • A definite reduction in infant-under-5 mortality rate
  • A suitable base for babies’ vaccination and Infants’ growth monitoring
  • A central base of operations for health education and disease prevention workshops, seminars, conferences and activities
  • A closer to home access to basic pharmacy and laboratory services
  • A project that the local community is proud to have completed.
  • A deeper solidarity with those in need

Do you want to make a difference?

We are always looking for people with diverse backgrounds and experience to help us in our works. You may have skills or know how that can aid us in our goals. Please contact us to share insights, experience, expertise, knowledge or comments – get in touch with us to inquire about other ways you can participate.

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Our mission is to…

Help empower the Gambade community for lasting impact.